What’s Your Plans This Summer?

Usually that question means, “Where are you going on vacation?” Yes the summer, sunshine, and heat are here. Time to unwind, relax, swim, sit in the sun, fish, go to the lake, spend time on the beach, hang out with friends, enjoy a family getaway…….

All of these things are good and are blessings. It’s a huge grace to be able to enjoy these things. We need to rest, refresh, and relax! It’s a good thing. But if we’re not careful, we’ll be so busy trying to fit in everything we want to do this summer we will neglect the most valuable opportunity summertime affords us – time to rest and refresh the soul! So how can you enjoy the summer without starving your soul? Here are a few tips to take with you out in the sunshine!

  1. Start your day spending time with God in His Word and prayer.
  2. As you enjoy your summer activities, enjoy God! Thank Him for every single one of these summer blessings and glorify Him in all you do.
  3. Grab a good book when you head to the pool or lake or beach. I highly recommend adding “Holier Than Thou” by Jackie Hill Perry to your summer reading list.
  4. Listen to an informative, helpful podcast while you relax. Albert Mohler’s “The Daily Briefing” is a good one.
  5. Plug in some excellent worship on your playlist – Maverick City Music won’t disappoint!
  6. Take advantage of worship and fellowship opportunities with your church family.

Make the most of the dog days of summer – keep a focus on your faith!!