What to do with Our Worries – Nov 12-16 TVD

…casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Worry and anxiety is such a common experience of the human condition that it is often addressed in Scripture. However, just because it’s common in no way means that we are to accept it as a norm for life or even as a condition from which we can never escape or find relief. As often as the Scripture addresses worry and anxiety, it never calls us to settle. It never states that some people are plagued to such a degree that they just have to learn to live with it. In fact, more than not, Scripture identifies it with sin, worry and anxiety being the opposite of faith.

So what are we to do if we find ourselves frequently in the steel clutches of an anxious mind? What are we to do if after we’ve prayed a 1,000 times the panic attacks continue? What are we to do if worry has become the norm for our daily lives? Are we to think, “Well this is just the way that I am”? 1 Peter 5:7 gives us instructions on what to do with our worries.

  1. Don’t carry them! Give them up. We are not destined to walk around every day under the weight of worry and the crippling panic of anxiety. We do not have to keep our worries. “Casting all your anxieties…” There is a place reserved especially for worries, and it’s not our minds! We were not made to worry. We were made to believe! We were made to rejoice! Get rid of those worries. But where are we to cast them?
  2. On Him. Worries are to be thrown at the Throne. Our Father is faithful enough, sufficient enough, big enough to handle whatever causes us to fret or panic. He is God, and He is our heavenly Father. It is not His will for us to drown in a sea of doubt and worry. He commands us, He calls us to give them to Him. Tell them to your Father! Hand them over. Lay them down. Believe! Believe that He is able and that He is in control. He is loving, gracious, and good. He will take care of us and our situation. His purposes will be accomplished. He will provide everything we need for whatever we face. Give them to Him! Why?
  3. He cares for you. Isn’t that beautifully and wonderfully comforting to the anxious soul! God, the great, holy, awesome, Creator, and Savior God, the Almighty cares for you! That means, if anything, we do NOT need to worry. If GOD cares for you, then truly there is nothing to worry about.

God’s got this! Whatever “this” is. Give it to Him. That’s His desire, and that’s His promise, and that’s His pledge, and that’s His person!