We Know We Need to Pray BUT Are We Praying?

We are called to pray without ceasing, but prayer is hard work. The busyness of the day and the concerns of the world often crowd out the time we should be devoting to prayer. However, there are times when God especially reminds us and calls us to pray. We are in one of those times now. The virus is making an impact on how we live and how we worship. Division in our nation grows deeper. Let’s be different – get in the Word. Let’s make a difference – get on our knees!

Here’s a simple model for prayer to help us pursue a regular, structured, meaningful time of prayer!

  1. Praise – spend time praising God for who He is. 
  2. Thanksgiving – spend time thanking God for all He has done for us in Christ.
  3. Confession – spend time confessing and repenting of our sins.
  4. Interceding – spend time praying for God’s grace in the lives of others – physical and spiritual.
  5. Petition – spend time praying for God’s grace at work in your own life.

2 minutes in each item will yield 10 minutes of prayer. 5 minutes – 25 minutes of prayer…

Let us Pray!!