Treasuring Up the Treasure

I have stored up Your word in my heart,

that I might not sin against you.

Psalm 119:11

We not only want to be Bible readers to know what the Bible says. We desire for God to speak to us, change us, deepen our affections for Him, and grow us in His likeness. We desire the same as the psalmist in 119. We desire to keep our life pure by guarding it according to God’s Word (v9). So to that end, we make it our goal to store up His word in our hearts that we might not sin against Him (v11).

Let’s “treasure up the treasure” this year together! Let’s commit 26 verses of Scripture to memory (1 verse every 2 weeks), so that having it in our memory, it may grow in our hearts and God will bring about the faith, grace, and change we need throughout every aspect of our lives. These will be our Treasure Verses. Psalm 119:11 is Treasure Verse #1 as it lays the foundation for the remaining 25!

The two common hindrances to scripture memory are (1) lack of time and (2) inability to memorize. We can overcome these obstacles by incorporating each verse into our daily routines; Bible reading, getting ready, driving to work, etc, and repetition by going over the verse every day as part of your Bible reading, getting ready, driving to work, etc. If we do these two things, incorporate and repeat, we’ll have 26 verses of Scripture planted deep in our hearts, lives, and faith by the end of 2020!!

It truly works! I never set out to memorize my checking account number. However, as I wrote it out on my deposit slip each week, I had incorporated it into my schedule and I was repeating it weekly. Now I know it by heart, and I wasn’t even trying!! Don’t let excuses keep you from storing up God’s Word in your heart this year. The spiritual benefits are too many to lose, too many to count, too many to miss!!

Treasure Up the Treasure!