Too Small a Thing for You: Mar 4-8 BRD

The story of Korah’s rebellion reveals the arrogance, ugliness, and consequence of embracing an age old enemy, pride! God had assigned a special role for Korah, which was even more visible than most because he served in the Tabernacle. Such service was limited to a few and revered by all. However, for Korah and his company, being special was not enough; they had to be assigned the highest position. It is not unusual for pride to be accompanied by other comrades such as arrogance. For Korah, this certainly rang true. Imagine the gall to stand against God’s spokesman in front of all the congregation at the tent of meeting. He simply could not become more prideful or arrogant. Pride also blinds one to reality. Korah must have convinced himself that he would control Moses to get his way and God would not mind. That is not how things turned out. In fact the glory of the Lord shows up, and the ground swallows up Korah and all his company! You can rest assured of this, Korah was swallowed up by pride long before he was swallowed up by the ground! Pride is always lurking about in our mind and hearts looking for a place to settle down. What is our main weapon against pride? We don’t want to end up like Korah, eaten up by pride. The answer is contentment. We must learn to be content with where God has us in life and trust that His will is best for us. We must learn to love and enjoy our lot in life, knowing that somehow we will glorify God best right where we are! Just imagine how different the story would have been if Korah had been content with Tabernacle service!