The Schemes of Man: July 22-26 BRD

When reading the storyline of Esther, one wants to conclude that the Lord really does have a sense of humor. However, it would probably be more accurate to conclude that one should not plot against the people of God! 6:1 says that the king could not sleep one night so he had the chronicles of the king read to him. Accident? Absolutely not! For the day before this particular night, Haman had a large gallows built in order to hang Mordecai for not bowing down to him. What should the king discover but that the very same Mordecai had saved his life one time and nothing had been done to honor him. From whom does the king seek advice on how to properly honor Mordecai but the very same Haman. Haman, thinking the king desires to honor him, soon discovers that it is Mordecai he wishes to honor, and Haman gets the honor of honoring Mordecai! This is classic. The end of this drama is very telling. Esther reveals to the king that Haman’s plot is against her own people, and the king orders Haman to be hanged on the very gallows he had built for Mordecai. The lesson is clear. Man will scheme, but God is in control. Man will plot, but God’s will is not deterred. Man will rage, but God will have the final say. God unfolds the schemes of men and lays them both bare. The ant may scheme to build a home of dirt along our garden path, but with one swoop of the foot, the ant’s scheme is destroyed. So it is with man and God. Man devised grand schemes to elevate himself in the sight of God and man. God brings him down with barely a glance. The schemes of man are no match for the will of God!