The Easy, False Gospel – Oct 22-26 BRD

In his letter to the Galatians, Paul is addressing the issue of “a different gospel.” The Galatians had received Paul’s message of salvation by grace through faith in Christ. Shortly thereafter, others had persuaded them that keeping the Law was essential to salvation in addition to belief in Christ. They must become Jews by being circumcised, then they will be saved. The Galatians were easily persuaded. A works-based gospel is always easy to embrace because it is appealing to our flesh. Our flesh is so corrupted that we can hardly imagine salvation any other way apart from our achievement. We cannot comprehend a salvation by grace but we readily adopt a salvation by merit or approval. Surely, we must be the final, ultimate determiner in our salvation. That is exactly what EVERY false religion and false gospel teaches. Paul identifies two soul-destroying implications of embracing a works-based salvation (cf 2:21). One, if justification comes through keeping the OT Law, then there is no need for grace. Grace is what you need when there is absolutely no way for you to save yourself. But if you can pull yourself together, morally reform, and perfectly keep the Law in your own strength, then there’s no need for grace. Two, if justification comes through keeping the OT Law, then there is no need for Christ. Why would God give His only Son if salvation could be obtained another way? The false gospel of works is easy to embrace by the flesh but must be rejected. The only soul-saving gospel is the one by grace through faith in Christ!