The Chronicles: June 17-21 BRD

Chronicles is a commentary on OT history. After providing genealogies, it concentrates on the historical events starting with David and ending with the Fall of Jerusalem. It is not a repeat of 1 and 2 Kings. Chronicles is very detailed, especially regarding the exact precision of the genealogical records. However, the very pinpointed accuracy of these records indicate a couple of things about the Scripture itself. First, it is reliable. Think of the labor behind the book of Chronicles. There was no in those days. The writers of Scripture did the painstaking task of careful research and paid close attention to detail, which means for us, the Scriptures are reliable in their detailed information. Second, it is unique. These kinds of exhaustive detailed records within the Scripture set it apart from every other religious book. You will not find this depth of historical accuracy in any other religious documents. Scripture stands alone, as should be expected, being the only God-breathed revelation. Chronicles is also an interpretive guide, much like Deuteronomy is for the first four books of the Bible. Chronicles means to communicate the big picture to the reader. It is actually the last book of the Hebrew Bible. It is not Malachi that the reader is left with until Messiah comes, it is Chronicles. Therefore, the view of history and the future that Chronicles reveals becomes increasingly important. These were the last words read before 400 years of silence. Read carefully. Remember the importance of the details. Watch for the slight variances. Chronicles is a book of fact and promise.