Technology is Great But It’s No Substitute for Corporate Worship!

I am thankful that we have the technology available today to publish worship services online! It is indeed a great blessing. There are so many ways tech is used unwisely and even sinfully but being able to share services online is one way tech is a great gift for our day. I pray you and your family have been able to sit around the laptop or smart TV and in that way, even at a distance, worship on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. At least we are able to continue to hear songs, pray, and hear the Word proclaimed. It’s a good thing – but it’s no substitute for the real thing!

When we don’t meet together, when we don’t assemble (the word church means assembly), we are missing out on the fullness and intention of being the gathered people of God. In our singing, we are unable to admonish one another (Col 3). Online services simply cannot fulfill the edification of fellowship with one another. We’re unable to break bread together at the Lord’s Table. The teaching ministry of the Word is hindered because the personal, relational interaction is missing. These are just a few examples of why technology simply will never replace actually being together as we worship the Lord. That’s why Hebrews exhorts us to “not neglect to meet together” (10:25).

So we take advantage of technology temporarily while we face the challenge of COVID 19, but we also look forward to meeting together again!!