Summer Missions Project

FOR SECURITY REASONS THE NAME OF THE COUNTRY AND PASTOR ARE NOT GIVEN. Pictured above is our gospel partner’s home. In recent days, events in his country have been spiraling downward. 

Our homes are places of shelter and refuge for us. After weary, long days, we look forward to returning home to enjoy family and some peace and rest. Home refreshes us and prepares us to face a new day of ministry. This is not the case for our friend.

His home is made of bamboo, which eventually rots under the extreme weather conditions. It also sets on the ground, flooding during monsoon and becoming invested at night while he and his family try to sleep. We can’t change the cultural situation, but we can provide he and his family with a better, peaceful home!

The cost to build a new home on stilts is $8500. We already have 4000 in matching donations committed to this project. WE ONLY need 4500 to bless our gospel ministry friend! You can donate toward this project by going to, click on the DONATIONS page, and make a donation to “Wil Owens Ministries.” All donations will go straight to this project until we have raised the $4500. Thank you for praying for him, his ministry, family, and country, and we are grateful for any size donation toward this project.