Sing! by Keith and Kristyn Getty

Sing! is a highly anticipated, welcomed encouragement for the worship gatherings of local churches. The Getty’s growing contribution of solid scriptural, theological songs, training sessions, and worship settings for the Body of Christ have set the stage for this timely instruction. Much of our current corporate gatherings have the look and feel of performance, concert, and entertainment, leaving the audience in more of a spectator role rather than participation.

The Gettys remind us that God has created all believers to sin, commanded all believers to sing, and through His character and grace compels all believers to sing. We sing to Him, and yet our singing to Him is a declaring to one another the great truths about Him. We glorify God and we encourage one another when we gather and sing songs deeply rooted in Scripture.

As individual believers we sing, as families we sing, and as local church families, we sing. The Christian faith is a singing faith. It’s not about how well you can carry a note, it’s about to Whom we sing and why!

As a way of integrating their scriptural instruction for singing, the Gettys have included helpful appendices for pastors, worship leaders, musicians, and artists. Encouraging advice and reminders to keep our preferences in check and the church body and scriptural focus in priority.

Sing! is a great tool for the church. I hope many will read and apply it. One of the greatest witnesses the church has to those apart from Christ is when we gather as different people and sing to our one God!