Shameful Shepherds: Oct 28-Nov 1 BRD

34:2 “This says the Lord God: Ah, shepherds of Israel who have been feeding yourselves! Should not shepherds feed the sheep?” There is simply no way around it. The number one job and priority for the shepherd of God’s flock, who follows the biblical model, is to feed the flock. When this top priority becomes secondary or even non-existent, disaster is right around the corner. In this case of Ezekiel’s day, the shepherds of Israel had become the “served” instead of their proper role of serving others. This is what occurs when pride slips into the hearts of leaders. Leaders easily fall prey to pride because of their position and visibility. In the end, these shepherds had turned their vocation on its end. The flock was starving for nourishment while the shepherds were obese! Sadly, this is often the situation in our day as well. The flock is starving. Sometimes it is due to role-reversal, but there are many other reasons that push the teaching of the Word to the background. Sometimes the flock rejects the Word. Sometimes the shepherd spins new meaning to the Word. Sometimes the shepherd and the flock have been groomed to deny the Word. Whatever the cause, the effect will be the same. The flock will starve! You can be sure the Lord will not allow His flock to die of starvation. He will rescue His flock. He will judge and remove shameful shepherds. He will shepherd His flock Himself. He will restore His Word among His people. He will feed the flock.