Seen Any Rainbows Lately?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or wearing a blindfold, of course you have! Pride Month, June, was a month-long celebration of the LGBTQIA+ movement. Companies and brands made sure to put a rainbow stamp on their logos, advertisements and commercials for products were actually endorsements and virtue signaling, cities held parades, athletes, musicians, and actors chimed in as well. It certainly appears that our culture now dwells in Romans 1:32.

As believers we must not be swayed by the moral decline around us or the emotional pull that is often very near us. Whereas June celebrated Pride, July celebrates freedom. We know that true freedom is only found in knowing and abiding in Truth (John 8:31-32). One way we can share the freedom-giving Truth is by speaking the Truth in love (Eph 4:15). The word “love” provides us an occasion to do so. 

“Love” is a core mantra of LGBTQIA+. It is often expressed in these ways; “love is love” and “love who you love”. Sounds laudable. Appears to be a commendable view of life. After all, no one certainly wants to experience hate and being with the one you love seems to provide a sense of happiness. But is it true? If it’s not true, then all that it promises will eventually ring shallow and empty, and even worse, ruin.

Is love the definition of love? Is being attracted to someone the only condition of love? Is any opposition to one loving another only bigotry and hate? Is having the feeling and emotion of love the only requirement for pursuing a relationship? Is it true that one can and should be able to love whoever he/she desires to love? Is that the only way to find happiness? If so, then what about the wife who “falls in love” with another man? What about the man who loves more than one woman? What about the 30-year-old man who is “in love” with the 14 year old? The father who “loves” his daughter-in-law? You get the point. Having an attraction, feeling, or desire for someone is not the definition of love and can’t be the only requirement. Moral lines must be drawn around sexual, relational desires. So if it is necessary to reject some claims of “love”, how do we decide where to draw the moral lines? Cultural movements and internal desires will not bear the load for culture norms shift and individuals have varied experiences. We must look for guidance and fulfillment for love in something that is beyond us and above our cultural moment. 

This is where we turn to the eternal, life-giving, heart-filling Truth of God’s Word. The Bible defines love in this way – God is love (1 John 4:8). True love is found in God. God defines love. And in doing so, God sets before us in His Word the parameters for knowing and loving Him and knowing and loving one another, which includes sexual attraction, relationships, and marriage. When we depart from God’s good design and purpose, our shallow substitute will ultimately leave us empty and separated from God (1 Cor 6:9-10). When we submit to God’s will by embracing life and salvation in Christ, we find true love, fulfillment, and eternal peace, joy, and life! (1 Cor 6:11)

I saw a rainbow recently. It wasn’t on a flag. It was in the sky. It wasn’t painted by man. It was painted by God. It didn’t mean “love who you love”. It meant God’s promises are true and He is faithful – and He is love. So trust Him today with your life, with your soul, and with your desires! You’ll NEVER find a better love!!