Remember Your Past: Mar 11-15 BRD

In Numbers 33 Moses recorded every step of Israel’s journey from Egypt until they are beside the Jordan. They were never in the same place long. Imagine the time it would take to set up camp, pack up camp, and travel to the next campsite! These people were constantly on the move, and now had arrived at the edge of what would become their home. Looking back over their stops along the way was more than a travel log. These places represented events. Sometimes Moses even adds a few words to help them remember. He says Elim had twelve springs of water and seventy palm trees. On the other hand, he says Rephidim was where there was no water for the people to drink. Can you imagine the different reactions when looking back at those two spots on the list? One would look back at Elim and rejoice at how God had provided so abundantly. One would look back at Rephidim, from the edge of the Promised Land, and wonder how could there have been so much complaining and doubt? There are numerous spots listed in Numbers 33, but one in particular catches the eye, Terah. Remember that name from Genesis 11? Terah was Abraham’s father who had set out to bring his family to Canaan but stopped short in a town called Haran where he died. Could this city be named after Abraham’s father? In a sense, then, Israel is back where they started, but it would be different this time around! Take time, like Moses, to remember where you’ve been. It may be surprising to see all the ways the Lord has been good and faithful to you and where He has brought you now!