Pray for our Partner in Southeast Asia

Recently we helped our friend build a chapel for his Bible School. In 14 years of ministry, he has graduated 350 students. They have gone out to unreached villages and towns to share the gospel and many have come to faith in Christ.

As a result of the gospel advance, persecution has risen sharply in the past several weeks. Many believers, including many of Pastor Joseph’s students, have endured very heavy persecution. Joseph recently emailed me a report that included pictures, and as I read the details and viewed the photos, I wept.

Believers have been beaten, forced to leave their homes, their homes have been burned, some have been imprisoned, children have been orphaned, many young girls have been raped, and many have been martyred simply because they were Christians.

History has shown us time and time again that dreadful persecution leads to sweeping revival. The early church father, Tertullian, wrote in his defense of believers being slaughtered that “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.” Please pray fervently for the protection and endurance of our brothers and sisters. Pray their light will shine through the darkness and a revival will break out among their persecutors. Our daily prayers will make an even greater impact than the building of a chapel. Please join me in prayer!!