Not Living is Not Living for God

We’ve all heard the characteristics of the present generation. Lack of motivation. Delayed adulthood. Low commitment. Convinced entitlement. Weak work ethic.

Many of us know someone who, while we would hate to admit it, falls somewhere into one or more of those descriptions. People in their teens, twenties, thirties, and sadly even forties and above, who have the endurance to push through 8 straight hours of Fortnight or relentlessly browse social media, but have a hard time finding the will to clean their room, take out the trash, cut the grass, pursue education, vocation, their own home, or even a fiancé.

A couch potato epidemic. The loss of ambition.

Even more tragic than the tale of our society is when this tale invades our churches! The Bible is replete with commands to do something and live for the glory of God. “Pursue holiness.” “Serve one another.” “Go.” “Make disciples.” “Give.” “Study.” Not only does the Bible describe faith in Christ as a faith in action, it is also abundantly full of rich promises to motivate and energize us to believe and act! “Life abundant.” “You will find.” “It will be given to you.” “You will receive many times more in this time, and in the age to come eternal life.”

Not living is simply not an option for those who are in Christ. Not living is not living for Christ. Faith without works is dead!

Parents, pastors, and all Christian leaders – let’s teach and model that God calls us to an active faith, a life in pursuit of God, and the rewards of following Jesus, doing the hard things, pressing toward the prize are more fulfilling and satisfying than can be imagined – now and forever.

If you tend to settle into couch mode and watch life go by – hear Jesus say, “Follow me!” Embrace Him as the Treasure that He is. Then get up and do something – do something for God – do something that will matter for eternity – do something that makes this life worth living! Stop not living and start really living!