Let’s Keep This Seminary Open!

2019 Graduating Class

Pictured above is the 2019 graduating class of Emmanuel Theological Seminary, located in Southeast Asia. Take a look at those faces. Young. Eager. Equipped. Ready to go.

For many years our partner in SEA has trained, graduated, and sent young men and women throughout their land as missionaries. Some will be teachers. Some evangelists. Some church planters. In 2011 three friends and I visited this ministry, and we were amazed at how much God was accomplishing with so little resource!

Along with a Bible school, this gospel centered, mission focused ministry takes in orphans, runs a local church, and supports its graduates on the field through prayer and encouragement.

As these young missionaries go out into the villages and cities, they are guaranteed to face 3 realities.

  1. Hardships. Simply put, daily life in this part of the world is a constant struggle for anyone, but if you’re on the road as an ambassador for Christ, the hardships only increase. From floods to hunger, from disease to pestilence, these brave missionaries dare to press forward where few have the stamina to keep going.
  2. Persecution. These tellers of good news enter places where the name of Christ is either unknown or unwanted. From building relationships, to sharing the good news, to demonstrating the love of Christ, many times their acts of kindness are met with vitriol opposition. Many have endured much suffering for Christ, but prayer and the power of God sustains them. And their suffering is not in vain.
  3. Harvest. When good news enters new territories of darkness, it is always met with scorn, but it is also met with joyful reception. Many decline the fresh, clean waters of the Fountain of Life, but some drink, and drink deeply! The stories are many, but similar. Preaching brings persecution, but persecution yields conversion. It’s a hard path these young people tread. Sometimes it’s a bloody path. But everywhere these beautiful feet travel bringing good news, God graciously brings new life!

I’m telling you their story and the story of this persevering ministry in order that you might join me in making sure it continues. Previously this Bible school has been housed in wooden, bamboo huts. Due to the extreme weather conditions, these temporary dwellings quickly break down and are of little use. During the rainy season, students literally sit in water to study the Scripture. They need a permanent place to hold classes and house students. For $5000 we can provide a one story, cement block structure that will allow them to reopen and continue ministry.

So far this ministry has graduated 350 disciples for Christ. Let’s make sure they graduate 350 more – and then some! Go to our donations page and give to our Southeast Asia partner today. Every dollar makes a huge, eternal difference!!