Joy, True Joy: Sept 16-20 BRD

Despite all of the differences and diversity that abound among the human family, at the heart of each of us lies a uniting desire. We all long for joy. We desire to be happy, satisfied, fulfilled, complete, content, full. You will not find a single individual who will deny this unless he is not being honest. Joy is our uniting desire. Joy is our endless pursuit. Joy is so often out of our reach. Joy, when thought to be grasped, slips away so easily. Why is the quest for joy in every human heart? Because God put it there. Why would God put such a desire in our hearts knowing that life is short and full of trouble? Does God mean for us to live miserable, unfulfilled lives? NO! God means for you to live an abundant, overflowing life. That is why He put that yearning for joy in your heart. Not so that you would search for it all of your life and never find it, but that you would find joy, true joy in Him! Once this discovery is made, life changes and is never the same! Other joys are created: temporary joys at best or false, deceptive joys. God, however, is the Fountain of Joy. God is the source and supplier of all true joy. God is joyful, and He gives joy to all who know Him through Christ. The quest for joy is meant to bring you to true joy, that is, knowing, loving, worshipping the God of all peace and comfort. Worldly joys and seeking to fill our lives with others will always prove empty because true joy is delighting in and enjoying God! Psalm 4:7 “You have put more joy in my heart than they have when their grain and wine abound.”