How are You Building Your Life?

In Matthew 7:24 Jesus says, “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”
We hear the words of Jesus, the words of God, every time we open our Bibles, the Word of God. We hear the words of Jesus when we discuss the Scriptures in Sunday School, when we teach lessons in our children and student ministries, when we sit in small groups on Sunday evenings, when we gather and hear the Scriptures proclaimed Sunday morning and evening, when we read and study privately and as families, when we listen to podcasts and online sermons. We are exposed time and time again to the words of Jesus.
What are we hearing? What are we learning? What has Jesus taught us about ourselves, about God, about salvation, about living the Christian life, about facing the issues of our lives with faith? What has the Lord been teaching you lately?
He is speaking! May we be hearing, and may we be heeding. Let’s approach our Bible reading plans as the wise man in the parable Jesus told in Matthew 7. Let’s hear. Let’s heed. Let’s build our lives on the rock! His Word will not only sustain us through the storms of this life, it will strengthen our faith right on in to eternity with Him!!
As we build our lives on the rock of Christ, so will our churches be built upon that same Rock.