Help Us Support Gospel Ministry in East Africa!

Kenya was recently in the news due to ongoing violence against Christians. 11 believers were martyred for refusing to profess Islamic faith. This past October, our team of 5 spent 10 days in Kenya, praying for the hurting, loving on the children, worshiping with the saints, and training the pastors.

Being a believer in East Africa is already a challenge from just the day to day obstacles and hardships.  With the push of radical Islam and the overwhelming presence of prosperity gospel profiteers, the challenge is only going to increase.

We have a real opportunity to bless and encourage the church in East Africa by supporting the group of pastors we met with there. 17 pastors from Kenya and Tanzania are standing firm in the faith and leading their congregations. We can assist their efforts and ministry in a very simple way – providing 4 motorcycles at a cost of $2,000 each! That is a total of $8,000!! Imagine the impact we can make with $8,000!! 2 will be used in Kenya and 2 in Tanzania. The motorcycles will be used during the week as a taxi service to provide income for all 17 pastors. Additionally, they will also provide transportation for the pastors to minister to their churches, visit the sick, and travel to preaching points.


Help us reach our goal of 8,000!! Go to our “Donations” page on and send your gift to the Africa Pastors fund.

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Merry Christmas!!