God’s Word for You in 2022

What are your spiritual goals for 2022? Which distractions of worldliness will you strive to replace with which disciplines for godliness?  How will you seek the Lord and treasure Christ? How will you grow in grace and find strength for the journey? The foundation upon which to build our spiritual lives rests upon the Word of God. The Word of God will work in our lives in 2022 to the degree that we expose our hearts to it. As our souls regularly feast upon the Scripture, the Scripture will be continually sustaining and transforming us from glory to glory. Here’s a quick recap from the sermon I preached Sunday (Psalm 119:25-32).

  1. God’s Word is sufficient to give us life when we are low (v25), answer and teach us (v26), reveal God’s will and works to us (v28), strengthen us in every sorrow (v29), and protect us from deception (v29).
  2. If we truly believe God’s Word is sufficient for life, then we will set His rules before us (v30) and cling to His testimonies (v31). Simply put, pick a plan. Set aside a time. Stick to it.
  3. When we rely on God’s grace (v32), He will give us the desire and determination to continually cling to His Word (vv30-31) so that we will continually find that He is faithful and true to His Word (vv25-29).

Let’s make 2022 the year we discover God’s Word for us by us being for God’s Word!