Everyone: Guilty! Nov 25-29 BRD

The prophets read as if you are in court. Entire nations are brought before the Bench. The evidence is presented, and the verdict is the same: guilty! God is holding court, and these cases are not drawn and appealed. There is nothing left to say when the evidence is presented! Every nation surrounding God’s people is condemned. The indictment is read, the verdict is delivered, and the sentence is given, one right after the other. Justice is hammered out. Yet, after all these cases, there is still time for a couple more. To their surprise, Israel and Judah, God’s people, are called before the Judge. To their greater surprise, their indictment, verdict, and sentence are the same as their neighbors. Why? Because they were the same as their neighbors! They did not live as God’s people. They lived as godless people, and they would face the same punishment. Why should they believe Amos or pay him any attention? He was a prophet. He spoke God’s words. God did not act unless He revealed His actions through His prophet (3:7). Israel and Judah better take notice. We better take notice! There is coming a final court when everyone will stand before the Judge, and the verdict will be the same for everyone: guilty! Some will escape judgment though because they have fled to Christ and found Him to be a sufficient Savior and an able Advocate. How do we know this is true? The prophets have said so!