Equipping African Pastors

After many, many years of praying and partnering with pastors in Africa, a dream of Wil Owens Ministries has FINALLY come true!! By God’s grace and the support of our donors, we have been able to send our first pastor to Bible College!!!

The 17 pastors we serve in Africa have many daily needs, including health, food, jobs, etc. It’s overwhelming sometimes because you don’t know where to begin to support them so that they can be free to minister. Thankfully we have been able to meet some of these basic needs throughout the years, but the need of pastoral training and certification has always been beyond our reach – until now.

Providing basic needs is commendable, biblical work, but it’s benefits are very short-term. Providing biblical, pastoral training for pastors will last a lifetime. It will encourage the pastor and his congregation. It will grow the pastor and his congregation. It will filter down and be passed on.

Meet Boaz Gabriel. He has now entered the Bible College and will earn a diploma this year. While he is away studying and preparing for ministry, we support his family as well.

We have 16 more pastors to train. Cost – 1,000 for diploma + 1,000 to support the pastor’s family while he studies. If you would like to sponsor one of our African pastors, please go to our DONATIONS page and give under the Africa Pastors tab. Thank you!!