Don’t Delay! Aug 12-16 TVD

Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth…

Ecclesiastes 12:1

  • Don’t delay embracing Christ, pursuing the Lord, finding fullness of life in the One who created you!
  • Don’t waste your youth trying to find happiness in fleeting things and temporary pleasures that will not and cannot complete you!
  • Don’t let the years of energy and availability slip by without doing great things for God!
  • Don’t be one of the crowd. Stand out. Be different. Be holy!
  • Don’t get caught up in the senseless, meaningless, trivial drama of youth. Get caught up in the heavenly, eternal, everlasting things of God!
  • Don’t try to please your peers to fit it, gain applause and approval. It’s an endless, vain pursuit. Live to the glory of God!
  • Don’t think your life is measured by the number of followers on your social media account. Ladies – don’t think your worth is bundled up in the number of guys who look at your body. Guys – don’t think your manliness comes from constantly having a girl by your side. Christ in you is the hope of glory!
  • Don’t be enslaved to comparing your status or looks or accomplishments or achievements or luxuries with everyone around you. Things will never fill the void that only God can fill.
  • Don’t believe the lie that you can live as you want now, give God a try later in life, and be free from a life of regret. 
  • Don’t just go through the motions at church – make the motion at church by living a radical life for the Lord!