Do You Know Who You Are? Aug 5-9 BRD

There are ways in which the saints of the Lord remain similar to unbelievers, and it will be this way until our full, final sanctification in the presence of God. We must not forget that all the good we are is by grace from without not within. However, we must also know and rejoice in the fact that we are also radically different people. Hear the distinctions in 1 Pet 2:9. You are a chosen race! You are chosen. You are part of the unique, special, separated people of God. Before the foundation of the world, God knew you and set His love and favor upon you. You are a royal priesthood! It is the King of kings you serve. This is a royal family that you have been adopted into. And what a place of service you have been given. It is the priests who approach the King. You are a holy nation! You are different. You are a new creation. You have been transferred from darkness to light. Christ reigns supreme in your heart and that makes a difference in your life. You are holy, sanctified, separate. You are part of a people for His own possession. Imagine this, you belong personally, eternally, literally to God! Why has God made us such that we possess these four glorious distinctions? “…that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him…” Our lives preach the glories of Christ. The radical difference of our lives form the foundation to justify the message we proclaim of salvation in Christ. Know who you are!