Building Our Prayer Lives in 2020, VI

Recommended Reads. Positioning Our Hearts. Using a Model. Making a List. Keeping a Journal.

Is there anything else? What more can we do to enhance and nurture our prayer lives in 2020?

Well………..we can pray! Yes – pray. Pray about your prayer life. 

That’s really what happens in Luke 11:1 when the disciples observe Jesus praying. One of them asked Him, “Lord, teach us to pray.” Let that be our request as well. If you are struggling to focus, to set aside time, to have a desire to pray, to have the words to pray, to get started, to keep going, to commune with the Lord – whatever your struggle, whatever is keeping you from fervent, frequent prayer – pray about it!!

Let’s pray for God to awaken us to prayer, move us to pray.

Pray for God to burden us to pray for missions, gospel advance in hard places, missionaries, the salvation of those who have yet to hear.

Pray for God to increase our affection for Him, for others, for Christ, so that we will want to pray, love to pray.

Pray for God to give us understanding, wisdom, and discernment as how to pray, that we might be guided by His Word in our prayers and not our self or flesh.

Pray about your prayer life! That’s a prayer the Lord is willing to answer!!