Building Our Prayer Lives in 2020, V

Recommended Reads. Positioning our Hearts. Using a Model. Making a List. To continue our list of helps for our prayer lives – keep a journal.

There are many ways you can use journaling to encourage and motivate your prayer life. Journaling is taking note of your prayer journey. It’s a record of your communion with the Father. Your lifelong journey, your sanctification, on paper. 

You may enjoy writing out your prayers. For some people, this keeps them focused and helps them pray specifically. You can build around your prayers by adding scriptures that address your prayer concerns, verses you want to memorize, or passages to pray through. You may also write down special requests, concerns, issues, and burdens. Those requests can then be matched with a list of how God is answering or redirecting those prayers.

The prayer journal is not for everyone. However, if you enjoy writing things down, if you enjoy expressing yourself in pen, journaling will prove to be a great benefit for your prayer life. It’s personal. It’s intimate. It’s your relationship with your Savior on the record. Second only to your Bible, your prayer journal just may become your most valuable possession. It’s a record of the Bible coming to life in your life!