Building Our Prayer Lives in 2020, IV

Thus far we’ve discussed recommended reads, positioning our hearts, and using a model as helps for us to develop our prayer lives in 2020. The fourth practical tool for prayer is to make a list.

The prayer list is a great way to flesh out the model you have chosen to use. List the names of people, issues, nations, events, etc. that you desire to lift up to God in prayer. Organize your list by categories such as those who need the Lord, missionaries, urgent requests, spiritual needs, family matters, etc. As you pray you will think of people and items to add, categories to expand, and more. Before you know it, you will be spending quality time in prayer, praying more than ever before, and with more attention to lives and souls and how God is moving and answering.

Just as an example for you, I use a simple notebook to organize my prayer list by the days of the week. Every day when I pray, I pray for the people and things the Lord brings to my attention and heart. However, I also use a list so that by the end of the week I have prayed for everyone and everything I know that needs prayer. On Sundays I pray for friends and heroes in the ministry. On Mondays I pray for my spiritual needs because after Sunday I am usually spiritually depleted. Tuesdays I pray for specific needs in my immediate and extended family. Wednesdays I pray especially for our local congregation. Thursdays I pray for our nation, missionaries, and ministry partners around the world. Fridays I pray for friends, and Saturdays are open days. 

I have found that having a prayer list keeps me informed and involved in what God is doing in the lives of those around me and beyond me. It have found it to be a great help and I trust it would be an asset to your prayer life as well.

Make a list and PRAY!