Building Our Prayer Life in 2020, Part II

Position Our Hearts for Prayer

One of the great hindrances to prayer is that our mind often wanders when we try to pray. Once we do set aside time to pray and actually keep that time and literally begin to pray, our tiny attention span, busy day ahead, distracting noise in the background, something upsetting right before we prayed – something pulls our mind away from prayer! When this happens, it can be very discouraging and frustrating. Know this though, you are NOT alone! We all struggle with this from time to time because we are all humans, we are all sinners, and our old enemy doesn’t like it when we pray!

It’s difficult to have a quality, meaningful prayer time with our Father if we try jump right into it. Most of the time we need to position our hearts for prayer. As the hymn writer said, we need to “tune our hearts”. We need to fill our minds and our souls with the things of God so as to remove all the clutter and distraction. Here are 3 recommendations of how to position our hearts for prayer.

  1. Hymns and Songs. A good hymn or a solid modern Christian song can be a great asset to prayer! Read through the words of hymns and songs that praise God and rejoice in His wonderful works! Sing the lyrics or listen to them as preparation for prayer. It can set the tone and mood so that our heart is stirred to begin praying and our focus is locked in on God.
  2. Scripture. Pray through or slowly read through a passage that stands out to you, that speaks to you. Reading the Bible before we pray helps draw our attention back to God and our need for His constant grace. If we give attention to the Bible, we will give attention to prayer! The Bible’s rich promises and truths will stir in us a desire to speak to our Father.
  3. The Valley of Vision. This book, which is a collection of Puritan prayers, is an excellent resource to position our hearts for prayer. Each prayer is about one page in length and they cover many biblical doctrines and life issues. Reading the prayers of these saints encourages our hearts to join them in prayer!