Are You Ready?

From a study through Matthew 24 we learn that the return of Jesus to save His people, defeat His enemies, and put an end to sin is inevitable. One day, He’s coming. There are indications all around us every day that His coming is drawing closer and closer. The signs are sirens – loud and clear.

Another discovery is that Jesus does not intend for us to calculate His arrival. That’s an impossible task, for only the Father knows the day and hour that the Son will come. Rather, Jesus intends for us to be ready for His glorious, victorious appearing! The warning is clear – don’t be caught off guard when He comes. Instead, be caught looking for Him, laboring for the gospel, and hastening His return. Make our preparations now. Get our souls in order now. Be ready!

Practically speaking, how are we to stay vigilant while waiting for our Savior’s return? We all have demanding schedules. We all get bogged down with life. We all get distracted by sin and pushed and pulled from this thing to that next thing. We tend to go through life looking down or ahead, but not looking up. 

So here’s a very practical way to keep our hearts and minds in heaven while our feet are here on earth. When we wake up each day, as soon as our feet hit the floor, ask ourselves this question, “If Jesus is coming today, how am I going to live today?” Whatever our schedule may be, whatever the temptation or obligation, whatever our situation in life and relationships – the answer will be revealed. So go for it! Do the right thing. Do the God-honoring thing. Do the self-denying thing. Live for the glory of God this day. And if we’ll make that a habit for every day, we’ll live a life of no regrets and we’ll be ready to welcome our Savior and King when He appears to take us home!!

Are you ready!?!