Angry After Church: Feb 18-22 BRD

Luke 4:16-30 tells the story of Jesus’ experience at the synagogue of Nazareth. How quickly the crowds’ opinion of Jesus changed! In verse 22 “all spoke well of Him and marveled at the gracious words that were coming from His mouth.” By verses 29-30, they are “filled with wrath,” drive Him to the edge of town, and plan to throw him over a cliff! Now that’s a change of opinion! Why were they so angry after church? At the beginning of the sermon, Jesus quoted from Isaiah and declared that this particular prophecy was fulfilled through Him. The passage spoke about preaching to the poor, proclaiming liberty to captives, giving sight to the blind, and setting free those who were oppressed. That all sounded wonderful and nice! Then Jesus moved into the personal application part of His sermon, and that is where the tide turns. Jesus tells those gathered in church that just as Israel of old had rejected the prophets, they would reject their hometown prophet. As a result, just as Israel of old missed out on the work of God because of this rejection, they would miss out on God’s work because of their rejection. They didn’t like this! It’s one thing to speak of God’s general work, it’s another thing to point out sin in my own personal life! They were so infuriated with being told the truth, they wanted to kill Jesus. Like these church-going folks in Nazareth, sometimes church-going folks today leave church angry. Let us make sure that if we are angry after church, it is because we hate sin not because we hate the preacher for pointing out sin in our hearts!