An Encounter with the Lord – June 11-15 Devotion

What would it be like to see the Lord? It is the hope of all the Redeemed to be in the presence of our Creator and Savior and gaze upon His beauty. (Matt 5:8, Rev 22:4) We have to wait however until we exist in glorified bodies, for no one has seen the Lord and lived to tell about it (1 John 4:12). Isaiah the prophet saw the Lord by way of a vision. The Lord revealed Himself to Isaiah in order to call and commission him. So it is in Isaiah’s vision that we get a glimpse of what it must be like to see the Lord. The first reality we notice is that the Lord is the Sovereign King of the universe. He is on a throne, high and lifted up. The next revelation overwhelms His presence and His onlookers. He is holy! That is, He is completely other, different, beyond, separate. Even the flaming seraphim, created to serve Him, sinless and radiant, cannot look directly upon Him but call out in worship to one another, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory!” (6:3) In His holiness, He is brilliantly and vastly glorious! Isaiah’s response at the sight of the Lord in His glorious holiness was repentance. Encountering God’s perfection shines a searing light upon our sin. God’s response to Isaiah’s repentance was cleansing and forgiveness. The end result, Isaiah is now a changed man who has surrendered his life to serve the holy God of glory. That is what it is like to see the Lord! It is frightening, yet lovely. It reveals the Lord’s glory and our filth. It is painful, but results in a new life. Those who have encountered the Lord are never the same again.