A New You Resolution: Nov 11-15 TVD

But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself…Daniel 1:8

You don’t have to wait until the New Year to make a resolution. You don’t have to spend your resolutions on minor adjustments or hopeful changes. You can simply determine to never be persuaded from truth!

Daniel resolved. He made up his mind. He drew a line in the sand. He sat down his anchor. He resorted to a spiritual stubbornness. He decided he would not bend. He would not bow. He would not succumb. He would not compromise.

It wasn’t a slight decision. It had the potential to cost him his life, and the life of his friends. But he had a conviction. He possessed a living faith that believed it’s better to live for the glory of God than to stray from God’s will in order to please men or even to preserve his own life. He resolved. In order for Daniel to make good his profession in his day, he simply had to do so.

We do too! Our flesh will never be satisfied with small compromises to our faith. Sin will never be satisfied with small, occasional lapses in our walk. The world around us will never be satisfied with one doctrine or truth jettisoned. We need to be resolved. Convinced. Convicted. Grounded. Assured. Certain. That living for the glory of God, no matter the cost, will in the end prove to be our greatest moment.

Let’s settle it now – for the sake of our purity, for the sake of our marriages, for the sake of our churches, for the sake of the gospel. Let us resolve that we will not defile ourselves!