2021 Ministry Report

Thank you for supporting Wil Owens Ministries in 2021. Because of our generous donors we were able to equip and encourage believers around the world through our online ministry and support our gospel partners in Myanmar and Africa! The Lord has allowed us to do great things in 2021 even though we are a small ministry. We look forward to what God has in store in 2022 and we are grateful for your prayers and continued support! Please see the ministry report below. Thank you for partnering with us to further the gospel in difficult places!

2021 Ministry Report: 

Total Donations Received: 12,205.00

Total Expenses: 1872.06

Total Distribution to Gospel Partners: 13,503.50 (1) continued global online discipleship and sermon ministry (2) monthly support for daily ministry needs of our SE Asia partner (3) supporting families of Africa pastors (4) sponsored 2 Africa pastors to Bible College (5) building a home for our SE Asia partner

2022 Prayer Requests: (1) to send 2 more Africa pastors to Bible College (2) finish pastor’s home in SE Asia (3) hire Executive Administrator to expand the scope of Wil Owens Ministries