2 Precious Truths for God’s People: TVD for Jan7-11

But the Lord was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love… Genesis 39:21

These two precious truths of God’s commitment to His people are what brought Joseph through all his difficulties and eventually placed him where the Lord meant for him to be: the Lord was with him, and the Lord showed him steadfast love.

Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers. Joseph was falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife. Joseph was thrown into prison. Joseph was forgotten by the cupbearer when the cup bearer was released from prison. Dark, dark times. Surely, life did not seem fair. Surely, many days seemed almost unbearable. Surely, at times it seemed that God was nowhere near. And yet, the fact that God was with him and showing him steadfast love is exactly what got him through the pit and the prison! 

It took time. Days passed. Years passed. Deliverance didn’t come quickly. However, that did not in no way mean God was neglectful or forgetful. God was working out a greater plan than Joseph could imagine or even think to ask. God was sustaining him and providing for him and protecting him while all the while working a way to place Joseph second in command of all Egypt!

Dear friends, these glorious truths for Joseph are gospel truths for us as well if we are in Christ. The Lord is with us and He is showing His steadfast love to us at all times and in all circumstances. Even in the dark days. Even in the unfair turns of life. Even when everyone else around us fails us or disappoints us or deserts us or betrays us. God is sustaining us. God is working on our behalf. God is bringing about a greater plan that we can imagine.

Whether we find ourselves today in the pit, in the prison, or in the palace, let us praise Him that He is with us and loves us with a steadfast love in Christ!